A Message From the Chief

The Del City Fire Department provides our citizens and our visitors with a Professional, Paid 24 Hour Fire Department.  We strive to provide a quality service for all types of emergency and non-emergency responses.  We are proud of our average response time of 3 minutes, one of the best in the Metro area.  Through the dedication of our voters, we have had several projects that have enhanced our response capabilities for our community.  In 2013, we took delivery of a new fire apparatus fleet, including a new 77' Quint, two new rescue pumpers, 2 new brush pumpers, a command/communications unit and 2 fire investigative units, made possible by a Bond Election that was overwhelmingly approved by Del City voters in 2011.  A new Central Fire Station/Fire Administration/Emergency Operations Center facility was designed and construction began in December 2016, opened in April of 2018 and dedicated on October 5, 2018.  This project was possible from the 1 1/2 penny sales tax for capital improvement projects.  In the Fall of 2017, voters passed a Public Safety Sales Tax dedicated to improving staffing levels and competitive wages for both the Fire and Police Departments.  Our dedicated firefighters not only answer the call in our community but also assist regionally and statewide with our commitment to the Oklahoma County Wildland Firefighting Task Force and with the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security's Regional Response System with a Decon Unit.  We encourage everyone to make fire safety a priority in their home, school or workplace. Have a working smoke detector near all sleeping areas and on each level of the structure and have monthly fire drills.  Together, we can help minimize the impact of fire on both lives and property.